During the winter months, members approved to operate the Automated Clay Target Thrower can shoot singles if they wish to do so regardless of weather conditions.

 Members interested in Trap shooting with others; On Saturdays or Sundays (weather permitting - see comment below) Chris Lally and / or Mike Roberts may be at the shotgun range to operate the automated trap machine. A posting will be made on the club’s facebook page noting if someone will be at the range.


Automatic Clay Target Thrower is available for Use after completion of operation course by Members

During the week of May 30, to June 3 the new Clay target thrower was in installed in the trap house; the automatic clay target thrower on the shotgun range is available for use and the new lock combination to the trap house will be provided upon completion of an operational course with respect to using the new machine.

The new combination for the lock will be provided to members upon the completion of the operational course with regard to the new trap thrower.

Sessions with regard the operational course are available as follows:

           - Weekly shooting dates noted on the Shotgun Blog page 

If the weekly shooting dates do not work, please contact the chair using the Contact us URL on the SFFGC web page to schedule session.