Procedures

As many of you are already aware we have had to change the sign-in sheets for the ranges in order to bring ourselves in line with the requirements imposed by the CFO.

There has been some concern expressed about the security of the information required on the sign-in sheets. In order to address that concern we have made the following changes to the sign-in sheets for Members:

The Member sign-in sheets are on individual pages;

The requirement for your Firearms Licence (PAL/POL) number or your Date of Birth (DoB) if you don’t have a PAL/POL only applies if you are bringing Restricted firearms and/or Prohibited handguns to the range on that particular day. All other information is required for each member every time.

When you are ready to sign out, place the completed sheet in the locked box that is marked “Sign In Sheets”. If you have concerns about leaving the form in the sign-in shed while you are on the ranges take it with you. Just don’t forget to complete it and put it in the box before you leave. Keep in mind that if you are injured or cause injury on the ranges and there is no record of you signing in there are going to be major problems with authorities and insurers.

The sheets will be collected from the box at least weekly and stored securely at the clubhouse.

In addition, as the result of a motion passed at the Board of Directors meeting on March 20, 2013 members are also required to complete a secondary sign-in sheet that only lists date, name, ranges used, time in and time out. This secondary sheet will remain on the desk in the sign-in shed

The sign-in sheets for Guests will remain as they currently are. The PAL/POL number or DoB is only required if Restricted firearms or Prohibited handguns are being brought to the range by the guest. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests complete the sign-in sheet completely and correctly.