Holster Course

The SFFGC  Holster Course is for club members only  It is held in the clubhouse and on the Pit range. Successful completion of this course will permit members who have not previously taken the IPSC Black Badge or IDPA New Shooter Orientation courses to participate in our club-level IDPA matches. 

There is no charge for the course. Pre-registration is not required. The course will be led by Steve Nielsen. 

To participate in this course you must have:

  • A current ATT;
  • A handgun (pistol or revolver) of 9mm caliber or larger;
  • A belt, in-waistband or paddle holster that fully covers the trigger guard of the firearm when holstered;
  • A minimum of three magazines or four revolver speedloaders (more is better);
  • Two single or one double magazine pouch or three speedloader pouches (pouches are optional, pockets may be used);
  • A sturdy belt that fits through the belt loops on your pants; 
  • A light jacket, vest or loose shirt that completely hides the holstered firearm and magazine or speedloader pouches when standing in a normal position; and
  • A minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition. 

The course will cover: 

At the clubhouse

  • Placement of the equipment for Defensive Pistol competition;
  • Techniques and practice of safely drawing and holstering the firearm;
  • Practice loading and unloading the firearm (no ammunition); 
  • Practice reloading (no ammunition;) and
  • Dry firing. 

On the range

  • Practice loading and unloading the firearm (with ammunition);
  • Practice drawing and shooting;
  • Practice drawing and shooting from various positions of cover;
  • Practice drawing and shooting while moving;
  • Practice reloading during a course of fire;
  • Practice shooting with strong and weak hand only;
  • Shooting a two-stage mini match. 

If you are interested in participating and wish more information please contact Steve Nielsen at stevenielsen@sympatico.ca .