About Us

The Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club provide facilities for a variety of target sports. Our members represent a broad cross-section of the community joined together by a common interest in wildlife conservation, hunting, sports shooting, fishing and other outdoor activities. The club offers single and family memberships with children 18 years of age and under being included in the family membership.

The club is affiliated with the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) and through our CCFR affiliation carries a comprehensive $5,000,000.00 liability insurance policy for members and guests using club facilities and for members participating in any sanctioned target shooting event in Canada and the United States or while engaged in legal hunting and fishing activities.

Our facilities include:

  • a large heated clubhouse with washrooms, kitchen and bar.

Our ranges consist of:

  • Two 25-yard handgun only ranges one of which is configurable for an event
  • Two Multigun ranges.
  • A shotgun range with two manual and one automatic thrower
  • A Patterning Board for Shotgun of the Trap Range
  • A 50/100/200-yard range that is approved for:
    • Restricted and Non-Restricted centrefire and rimfire rifle
    • Black powder handgun and rifle

It is the only one of its kind in Eastern Ontario.

We also have an archery range and are in the process of building a course utilizing 3-D archery targets.

All firearms ranges are inspected and certified by the Chief Firearms Office for Ontario.

The club holds regular events during the year including:

  • Level II International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) matches
  • Defensive Pistol matches under International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) rules
  • Police Pistol Combat (PPC) matches.
  • The Ottawa Valley Pistol League (OVPL) holds Bullseye events at our ranges.
  • Informal Trap/Skeet group who regularly meet on the shotgun range on Sunday morning.

The club has hosted a Community Challenge Match that has teams representing the Canadian Forces, area Law Enforcement agencies and area shooting clubs in a friendly shooting match to benefit the Military Families Fund.

We also hold an annual pot-luck Christmas dinner and party for members and their families as well as other social events for members and guests.

Please check the Upcoming Events regularly for information on this year's events.

Participation in all scheduled shooting events is open to qualified guests, unless otherwise noted.


Club House with washroom bar and kitchen, can handle events for 100 people;

25-yard Covered Handgun Range with 8 target shooting positions plus five steel targets;

25-yard Pit Handgun Range configurable for the event;

Two (2) 50 Yard Multigun Ranges configurable for an event;

100/200-yard Handgun/Rifle range with ten shooting positions. Approved for all restricted firearms;

Shotgun Range With three trap positions, one automatic and two manual throwers

Archery Range

The Club House is available to groups or individuals on a rental basis at the board’s discretion.

Please see the Contacts page for further information.


Members are to adhere to club rules and to limit the number of guests they sign in to not more than two on any single occasion and guests are limited to two visits to our facilities. There is a charge of $10.00 per guest, per visit to the firearms and archery ranges. This charge will apply whether the guest is shooting or not.

The member who signs in the guest will be responsible for either collecting or paying the $10.00 charge. The fee is to be paid at the deposit box inside the sign in shed, envelopes are provided. The charge for non-member participants at shooting events will be factored into the fee for the event.